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A spectacular circuit of Western Europe\'s highest mountain, Mont Blanc.

11 days of superb walking visiting France, Italy and Switzerland en route.

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How to choose the right holiday for a change of lifestyle

Posted by Kyle Newman

Picking a trip that will help you not only relax and take a break, but also help you achieve your lifestyle goals can be tricky. There are 3 key factors to consider. Firstly, your current situation, secondly what sort of holiday and destination you like, and thirdly what you want to achieve.

Stressed out and Overworked – If you’re feeling this way and find very little time to chill out and have time for yourself then there are two possible options. A holiday to unwind or a holiday to re-focus and make some lifestyle changes. If you’re simply looking to unwind then I’d recommend going alone or with just one or two friends who have the same objective and ideally a cool, calm demeanour to help you chill and take it easy. Then pick something you like a find relaxing. That could be a beach holiday reading a book, walking in the mountains or spa holiday somewhere chic. Pick something you’ll love and make sure you minimise the amount of time you spend checking email and your mobile, or ideally ditch them completely.

Lifestyle Change CoachingIf you’re looking to make some changes then you’ll want to use similar criteria to choose your trip, but research and find companies out there like ourselves who use coaches or some sort of other lifestyle change professional to help you clarify your goals and priorities, identify the blocks in your way and help you commit to taking appropriate action on your return home. When going on this sort of trip it’s often best to go on your own. You’ll still meet lots of other cool people who are in a similar situation and whilst our friends often have the best of intentions, they can’t help but influence your choices which may not be helpful in this situation.

Make sure you get away for at least 10 days as it can often take up to a week before you’re really able to wind down and get into the holiday vibe.

Lacking in focus or direction – If this is how you feel then the second set of recommendations above will also work for you. Choose a destination and activities that will inspire you and help get your creative energy flowing, and make sure you go with a reputable personal development/travel company that can provide the stimulus and support that you need.

Health KickIn need of a health kick – If you’re feeling under the weather and lacking in energy, or keep getting sick, then you’re probably in need of a serious health-kick. Our bodies can only take so much and just like your car need a regular service to keep them in proper working order. There are lot’s of great health and spa type holidays available now, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding something to suit your budget. Pick something where everything’s already included and planned for you, especially your meals, so you can’t wimp out and let yourself off the hook. Ideally your trip will include a detox diet with meals and supplements supplied, some kind of bowel cleansing regime to help flush out toxins, some kind of restorative physical activity such as yoga, pilates, tai-chi etc, and some focused relaxation activity such as meditation. This combination will help give you a massive boost, but remember, you’ll need to continue this routine on your return for maximum benefit.

Again, make sure you get away for at least a week to 10 days to get the full effect.

My final tip to get the most out of your trip, whatever your situation and aims are, is to plan your support and structure to help you maintain the changes before you depart on your trip. If you wait until you get back then there is a greater chance of getting busy and life just getting in the way and your efforts fading on your return. So plan to succeed and make sure everything you need to keep up the change on your return is in place before you depart! Good luck and enjoy!

ShortList Feature: Find the Right Holiday for your Head

Posted by Kyle Newman

We were recently interviewed by Shortlist Magazine to get our take on how to choose the right holiday when you’re needing some space to reflect and find some clarity and direction, or when you need a health kick. Click the image below to read the article:

ShortList Feature: Find the Right Holiday for your Head


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Adventure Beyond Website Launches

Posted by Kyle Newman

Welcome to the new Adventure Beyond website!

I’m delighted to be able to announce that the new Adventure Beyond website is now live. We’re really pleased with the design and hope that you like it too.