Trekking Mont Blanc - June 2023

A spectacular circuit of Western Europe\'s highest mountain, Mont Blanc.

11 days of superb walking visiting France, Italy and Switzerland en route.

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How Fit Do I Need To Be?

A high level of fitness is not required on most of our trips, but the fitter you are the more you will enjoy it. Many of the people who come away with us do limited exercise, so you do not need to be an athlete! The level of fitness required for each trip is indicated in the trip details. Where relevant, all clients should also be aware of the effects of altitude on performance when taking part in trips that involve climbing, skiing, or trekking at high altitude.

Are Flights Included?

All Adventure Beyond  trips are exclusive of international flights. We do however team up with highly respected travel companies that offer a professional and extremely competitive flight service if you require assistance with booking your flights.

Do I Need Insurance?

Your safety is as important to us as your holiday enjoyment. To this end compulsory travel insurance is a must for all our trips. All clients must be covered for personal accident, medical expenses, cancellation, curtailment and repatriation. In addition, as our trips are run in some very remote areas of the world, this should also include helicopter Med-Evac.

All clients must supply us with a copy of their insurance details prior to the trip departure. Failure to do so could mean Adventure Beyond refuses to allow you to participate on the trip on safety grounds. As well as presenting us with a copy we also highly recommend that you take a copy of your policy on your trip with you. No refund will be issued in this event.

What If I Get Sick Or Hurt?

Due to the nature of our trips you do often find yourself in remote areas. However all of our trips are guided by  trained professionals with many years of experience, and have safety at the forefront of their minds. In the very unlikely event of an accident, at least one guide is a trained E.M.T. (Emergency Medical Technician) or doctor and is prepared to deal with all sorts of medical situations. We carry comprehensive first aid kits so we have the ability to deal with ailments from headaches to bellyaches to general first aid. All remote trips where necessary have a satellite telephone so even though you may be in a remote valley, in the unlikely event you get hurt or fall ill we have the ability to evacuate you.

What Kind Of Food Do We Eat?

The food varies depending on the trip, location and remoteness. However you’ll  be amazed at what can be created over an open fire – Marinated steak, garlic bread, popcorn, spaghetti bolognese, and a variety of fresh salads, pizzas and omelettes – a scrumptious feast! We also make use of ingredients that are produced locally and synonymous with the area that we are exploring. This makes sense as the food will always be fresh and allows you to share in the cultural environment.

I Am A Veggie – Is That A Problem?

No that is absolutely fine! We cater quite happily for a variety of dietary preferences should you be a vegetarian or meat-eater or suffer from any food allergies. You’ll be amazed at what the guides can produce and it is no problem at all.

What Equipment is Provided?

We try to include the cost of any specialist equipment required in the trip price. Should there be any specific equipment that you need, this will be outlined on the trip itinerary. A kit list is also provided for each trip so that you know what to bring.

How Many People Might Be On My Trip?

We prefer to keep our trips on the smaller side allowing us to give you maximum attention from our coaching team and so that we have less impact on the environment and cultural habitat. It also helps everyone to get to know each other more easily. Exact group size will vary depending on the activities built in to each trip, however we aim to average between 12-16 people on each trip, so that we have a ratio of one coach to every 6-8 people, although we can run them with a minimum of 6 people.

And If I Want To Come On My Own?

No problem! Most people join us as singles (there are no single supplements) and there is often a fairly even mix of men and women. Our clients come from all walks of life and getting to know them can sometimes be just as interesting as the trip itself!

Can ‘Townies’ Come Too?

All of our trips are designed for a broad audience, so the answer is yes! If you have any questions as to whether a trip is suitable for you then please contact us.

Even if you have never camped before you will soon find the experience of sleeping under the stars out in some of the most awe inspiring places on the planet quite magical,  and before you know it those withdrawal symptoms of not being on the tube or in rush hour will have gone! Our trips are entirely self sufficient and we provide top quality camping gear, ensuring that you will be as comfortable as possible.

Can We Get A Video Of Our Trip?

We try to shoot some video on all trips, however our core focus is on your learning and growth. Where video is taken we will make it available for purchase after your trip if you wish.

How Much Extra Money Will I Need?

All our trips are great value. The only money you will need is for the odd meal that is not included in the trip (see trip itinerary for full details), any alcohol you consume on the trip, and any personal spending money you may need for before or after the trip.

What Do I Need To Do To Prepare For My Trip?

Many of our expeditions take place in the developing world where the limitation of facilities and infrastructures can make travel unpredictable and the cultural differences can lead to inconsistency in standards. You must be ready for the unexpected. For those who want to travel and enjoy their expedition, it is very important to set your expectations on the right level for a less economically developed country. It is important to leave behind Western expectations and approach travel with an open mind, patience and flexibility. The expedition leaders of each trip will be working hard to overcome problems should they occur and try to ensure that it’s standard of services are maintained. You should however be aware that some events are beyond our control and we would ask for your patience.

Regarding terrorism, war activity and similar events we constantly monitor the political situation in the regions we visit and we would have no hesitation in re-routing or cancelling a trip if we felt there was a need. If you are concerned about a destination or about your safety call the Foreign Office or appropriate Embassy and ask their advice. You may also wish to check out the foreign travel advice section on their website:  www.fco.gov.uk/travel

If you have any questions then please contact us.


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