Trekking Mont Blanc - June 2023

A spectacular circuit of Western Europe\'s highest mountain, Mont Blanc.

11 days of superb walking visiting France, Italy and Switzerland en route.

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Future Adventures

In addition to our regular awe-inspiring experiences in Europe, we are also researching the following trips for future seasons. If you have any suggestions or are interested in one of the adventures outlined below, please let us know.

Grand Canyon RaftingRafting through the Grand Canyon

(16 Days) Experience the most breathtaking and magnificent river journey in the world! The stunning vistas, the massive rapids, the long calm pools and the tapestry of human history give a feeling of pure regeneration. As your coaches take you on a journey to create your inspired life, the river  journey will take down the spectacular whitewater, that is the Colorado River. Framed by massive walls of granite and marble, stepping back to expose an abundance of natural history, we will explore the ancient Indian ruins on hikes up the canyon side.

With awesome daily rapids such as the renowned Hermit, Granite and Lava you will have the ultimate feeling of adrenalin and fulfilment. And as darkness falls we will camp on the pristine white sandy beaches with the melodic sound of the river. On reaching our destination  you will feel proud and fulfilled, having just completed one of the best river adventures in the world!

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Trek Machu PicchuTrek Machu Picchu

(10-12 Days) This trip will take you through hidden valleys, mountain passes, along long forgotten Inca trails, and through small villages where they still follow traditional methods of farming. The trek ends as we reach Machu Picchu by passing through the Sun Gate to view this stunning sacred city.

Peru has some of the most spectacular and varied scenery in South America. The Peruvian Andes are arguably the most beautiful on the continent and provide a stunning environment to help your coaches inspire you on this life changing adventure. The mountains are home to millions of highland Indians, who still speak the ancient tongue of Quechua and maintain a traditional way of life.

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Ultimate Africa Safari ExperienceThe Ultimate African Safari Experience

(10-12 Days) This really is the ultimate African safari experience. Allow the magic of Africa to permeate deep into your soul as your coaches use this awe-inspiring backdrop to create your life changing adventure. Your trip activities include:

– Explore the Okavango Delta in Botswana by Mokoro (canoe), one of the most beautiful and unspoilt areas in Africa

– Appreciate nature by experiencing the African bush from an elephant’s perspective – walking besides them or riding high allows you to get close to the animals. There is no better way of interacting with the wilderness and wildlife of Africa than on an African elephant back safari, and

– Walking safaris through the bush – out there with the African wildlife, sharing their paths and waterholes, the daily drama’s of their lives, sharing their space. To walk is to follow their tracks, feel the tingle of your own senses and hear the beating of your heart as you edge closer to a herd of elephant resting in the shade.

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Himalayan AdventureHimalayan Adventure Challenge – Trekking and Climbing

(12 Days) Powered entirely by your own energy,  journey into the heart of the mountain kingdom of Nepal for this life changing adventure. This awe-inspiring adventure takes you through one of the most spectacular landscapes on earth. Some of the planet’s highest mountains form the backdrop to your adventure.

You will trek, climb, bike and white-water raft, on a 10 day circular journey as your coaches and guides take you through a truly life changing experience. You will stay in village tea houses and river-side campsites and be inspired by the friendly culture of the local people.

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Alpine Ski ExperienceAlpine Skiing and Mountain Experience

(10 Days) This life changing adventure has the snowy winter mountains as it’s backdrop for your learning experience. Heading up into the magnificent Alps, this trip will combine a range of mountain activities from downhill skiing, snow shoeing, ski-touring and tobogganing to as your learning backdrop. Spending some time in resort, and some time in the back country away from it all, you’ll experience changes in pace and changes in altitude as your coaches help you uncover the changes you want to create in your life.

If you love to ski then this is the trip for you! (You need to be a strong intermediate level skier or higher to book this trip)

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Fiji Sea AdventureFiji Sea Faring Adventure combining Sea Kayaking, Sailing, Scuba, and more…

(12-14 Days) Imagine yourself on a tropical expedition, paddling at a leisurely island pace along the palm-fringed coast, drifting from one idyllic scene to the next. Dive down to the fish filled reef, snorkel over the castles of coral, siesta under the mango trees. Laugh with the locals and feast on fine fresh food from the land and sea. This is the Fiji life changing adventure.

If you love the water then this is the trip for you. Your coaches will use a range of activities including sea kayaking, snorkelling, sailing, scuba diving, watersports and a trek or two inland to visit the locals or swim beneath a waterfall as they take you on a waterbound journey to help you transform your life.

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