Trekking Mont Blanc - June 2023

A spectacular circuit of Western Europe\'s highest mountain, Mont Blanc.

11 days of superb walking visiting France, Italy and Switzerland en route.

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Life Changing Adventure Experiences

The Adventure Beyond Life Changing Adventure Experience combines time out in nature with outdoor adventure activities and transformational personal coaching coaching, so you can answer your big questions and  create radical transformation in your life. Of course, the experience is deeply rejuvenating too – spending a couple of weeks exploring amongst interesting, like minded people.

First, whilst exploring some of the most awe-inspiring natural beauty and taking in spectacular landscapes, you’ll connect with your passions, purpose and uncover what a rewarding and fulfilling life really looks like for you. You’ll overturn unsatisfying situations and make choices that are fully aligned with who you are.

Then we give you intensive coaching that’s entirely focused on you. Working through the exercise and coaching process, you’ll have time, space and expert support to focus on what’s really important. The outcome is clarity, renewed momentum and a plan for what you need to do

“Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” — Helen Keller

The Adventure Beyond Experience contains for key elements, each designed to help you make big leaps forward in your life and crate the change that you are seeking…

Element 1 – Get Away from it All

Get away from it all - Adventure BeyondMany people find it difficult to see the wood for the trees whilst they’re still stuck smack-bang in the middle of their busy day to day life, so step 1 in our process is to take you away from it all. Our life changing adventures take place in spectacular landscapes where you can really get away from it all and start to think clearly and re-focus on what’s really important to you.

All of our trips are 10-16 days in duration so that you’re away for long enough to really let go of your current day to day and allow the effect of ‘getting away’ to really sink in. We also plan our trips to take you back to basics and reconnect with simplicity. We generally travel to fairly remote locations and wherever we go we get fully into nature and the local cultural experience. We aim to eat good local food and frequently camp or stay in comfortable  local accommodations.

Element 2 – Be Inspired!

Be InspiredNext we serve up a double dose of inspiration! The stunning backdrop of the location for each trip is designed to provide a massive dose of inspiration in of itself. Then we add our first rate coaches into the mix to really ramp it up. The whole experience from start to finish is designed to help you connect with what really sets your world on fire and has you feel fully alive and inspired in life. You will fill your lungs with clear air, your body with good food, and your mind with fresh new perspectives.

During the trip the exercises and activities are not only inspiring and fun, they’re skilfully used to help you deepen your learning and experience. Guided through each step by your coaching team, you’ll really connect with your  passion, vision and values.

Element 3 – Get Fired Up

Get Fired Up - Life Changing ExperienceDuring this 3rd element, your coaching team really step things up. They’ll dig deep to find out what drives you and help you tap into your power and passion, and build your confidence. You’ll not only discover an inner strength that you didn’t know was there, but you’ll also uncover what has held you back in the past and how to begin to move past it to create your desired future.

This element is all about removing obstacles and blocks and tapping into your inner power and drive. You’ll finished the trip feeling inspired and fired up ready to go and make the changes you want on your return.

Element 4 – Live Your Dream!

Live the Dream - Adventure Beyond ExperienceThe final stage is to match your renewed drive and passion with a plan of action get things moving. We know that getting inspired and motivated is relatively easy, it’s sustaining it that’s hard. Especially when you’re back in the busy day to day of your life. During this element your coaches will help you focus on two key areas: creating an action plan, and commitment & accountability.

Making big changes can be daunting and overwhelming, so your coaching team will help you break it down into bite sized junks and create a step by step approach so you can see the path you need to walk. They’ll then focus on the second key to success – commitment! Sustaining your commitment to making the changes you want in your life, even when it gets tough or seems impossible, is the real key to living the dream.

Are you ready for the ride of your life?

The tried and tested approach used on the Adventure Beyond programme will engage you at an emotional and spiritual level, as well as an intellectual one. The coaches won’t just challenge you around your big questions, but help you reach some very personal answers. They’ll make sure you become practical, with a time-based plan of action AND you have a follow-on coaching session once you’re home to ensure you keep acting on the plans you created. There’s also the option to continue working with your coach at regular intervals.

So if you’re ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime and create an inspired future for yourself, take a look at our upcoming adventures.

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